Friday, July 8, 2011

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Through Diet and Physical Exercise

The best type 2 diabetes treatment is through diet and physical exercise. Diabetes type 2 treatment has two goals- the short time goal is lowering the blood glucose level where as the long term goal is to put a stop to the complications related to diabetes type 2.


A person suffering from diabetes type 2 should be in close contact with their doctors and physicians and dieticians. They should ask for a diet chart from their dieticians which should be specifically made for type 2 diabetes patients. Diabetes type 2 patients should eat every day at the same time i.e. they should be very consistent about the time of having their food. They should not eat after a long break or every hour. The patients should also be very careful about the kinds of food they eat.

They should ask their doctors which nutrients they should eat more and which nutrients they should avoid. The amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that can be taken is to be known. Bad fats are really dangerous for patients of diabetes type 2. If you include them in large quantities in your diet then they will get deposited in the walls of the cells of your body. This line of fats restricts the entry of insulin which transfers the glucose to the cells.

That is why the amount of glucose in the blood increases giving you diabetes type 2. That is why it is said that bad fats should be restricted in the diet. Carbohydrates are restricted in the diet because if your body does not get the energy required by its body in the absence of carbohydrates it will start burning the body fat to get energy which is the first step to type 2 diabetes treatment. Proteins and fibers should be included in large amounts. The patient should also drink a lot of water.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is really important for diabetes type 2 treatment. Regular physical activity is essential for type 2 diabetes patients. It increases the blood pressure level and thus blood flows swiftly. This reduces the resistance offered by the cells to insulin. Thus insulin can get inside carrying the blood glucose. This reduces the accumulation of glucose in the blood thus reducing diabetes type 2. This is the bet way of type 2 diabetes treatment as it is natural and does not include any medication. Some things that you should keep in mind before commencing on your routine physical exercise-

· Choose a physical activity that you are interested in. do not choose one which you will get bored doing for some time and as a result stop doing anymore.

· You should exercise everyday without skipping a single day. It will be best if you manage to exercise at the same time of the day.

· Carry fluids that do not contain sugar and drink it whenever you feel like during and after the exercise.

· You should keep monitoring your blood glucose level both before and after exercising and keep a record of it and show it to your doctor.


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