Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms

Diabetes type 2 is a chronic disorder which is caused due to high concentration sugar in the cell membranes. When a person acquires diabetes type 2 then that person's body stops reacting to insulin. Insulin is really necessary to transport glucose into the cells. That glucose is stored in the cells and is used later for energy. In case of diabetes type 2 the body cells resists insulin and as a result the body ca not get the glucose and thus no energy.

The glucose that can not get inside the cells and be used by the cells starts accumulating in the blood. This continues until it reaches a high level. The pancreas produces more and more insulin but it is never possible to meet the body's need in this condition.

The entry for insulin is restricted in diabetes type is because a layer of Trans fatty acids are accumulated in the walls of the cells. People who are obese are most likely to acquire type 2 diabetes because for both the disorders intake bad fats are responsible. People who take a lot of bad fats in their diet end up in these two disorders and are the most likely to have heart attacks and strokes.

The diabetes type 2 symptoms which can be seen in a patient who is suffering from diabetes type two are as follows-

· Increased appetite

· Increased urination

· Increased thirst

· Fatigue

· Infections and slow rate of healing those infections

· Blurred vision

· Foot pain

Type 2 diabetes symptoms are often not seen. But if diabetes type 2 symptoms are seen in a person then he or she should take some necessary steps to cure the disorder.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms are seen mainly in old people. It is seen also in those people who have a family history of diabetes type two. When diabetes type 2 first occurs you can see the above diabetes type 2 symptoms. Mostly the symptom of blurred vision and foot pain are seen. From then onwards you have to consult your doctors and be on medication on insulin as suggested by your doctor.

But do not lose sleep over the fact that you have acquired a disease. Diabetes type 2 is not really a disease but a disorder of the body. this happens mainly because of improper eating habits, environmental pollution. Genetic inheritance can also be a cause.

The best way to avoid diabetes type 2 is to maintain a healthy life style. You should start eating healthy foods and avoid foods which contain a lot of bad fats. You should include a lot of activities in regular life in order to avoid accumulation of fat. You should exercise regularly, join the gym or join some activities like swimming, dancing or some sports. The basic thing is you should stop spending all day sitting in your office desk or in front of the computer and do some physical activities to burn fat and let the insulin get inside your cells for the proper absorption of glucose.


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