Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Short glance on the diabetes type 1 symptoms

Diabetes can be classified into two forms. One is known as Type 1 diabetes, the other one is called Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is most commonly found in kids and Type 2 diabetes is generally found in adults. Type 1 diabetes is generally gained by the kid through hereditarily. Physical disorder may also help to form this deadly disease.

There are several symptoms through which one can understand if someone is suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Some of the Type 1 diabetes symptoms are listed below:

· The most common symptom that is found in most cases is going for urination for an extreme number of times. This excessive urination is really important as it might also be an indication of some other severe disease.

· Another common symptom is drying away of the mouth. The person remains thirsty all the time though he might be consuming enough amount of water.

· Along with thirst the person also remains hungry all the time. Eating at short intervals is a good habit, but being hungry all the time is a different issue. One should understand it and should take care of it.

· If any wound is taking a lot of time to cure it is also a bad signal. It can be due to drop of platelet counts or can be due to diabetes. It is something that is really serious and can turn out to create an unwanted situation.

· In Type 1 diabetes an ache in the stomach is often found. Now this is really difficult to understand as our stomach aches for several reasons. So next time you face it you should not take it very lightly.

· Getting annoyed in small little trivial issues can also indicate a symptom of diabetes.

· If suddenly you find yourself or someone else getting tired very soon without valid reasons, it might also be a symptom of diabetes.

· You light get very happy to see a loss of weight. It is really good to stay slim but suddenly losing weight is not a good thing. It indicated something is wrong. It is among the diabetes Type 1 symptoms. But it is also a symptom of other diseases.

One might come across other symptoms as human body differs from person to person. Diabetes is a deadly disease. It might develop for several reasons. Symptoms and reasons can be different but the effect is something that might even cost your life. Early precautions might save you from its adverse effects. A proper diet and regular exercise is immensely important for any individual. Life is strenuous now days. But one can't escape from it. You can still enjoy it if you guide yourself to move in the right track. Taking care of your health all the time might take some valuable time of yours but in the long run it is really fruitful so go ahead and take the first step to stay away from diabetes.


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