Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diabetes Type 1 Cure

Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health work for bringing out methods for diabetes type 1 cure. They are researching for the cure of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They regularly check that their experiments are used on people suffering from diabetes and the results that are obtained from the experiments are further modified for betterment. They think that if the researches that they do are not tested on people with diabetes type 1 then their research is totally wasted.

Some of the approaches that are taken for type 1 diabetes cure are as follow-

Diabetes type 1 is often treated with insulin replacement. This is a very common method. Most diabetes type 1 patients use this method for diabetes type 1 cure. The method is along with a proper diet meant for diabetes type 1 patients this insulin should be injected into the body of the patient. The insulin injection should be taken immediately after you have your food. As the food transforms into glucose in the small intestine and is absorbed by the blood stream, this artificial insulin helps the glucose to get inside the cells to be transformed into energy or stored for later use.

Pancreas transplantation is one of the methods for diabetes type 1 cure. This is done mainly after a kidney transplant. This process gives the diabetes type one patient an absolutely new pancreas which can produce insulin which is needed for the transportation of glucose into the blood cells.

Islet cell transplantation is another method for type 1 diabetes cure. This process is easier than the pancreas transplant. This process includes the injection of islet cells into the liver of the patient suffering from diabetes type 1. This process helps in the production of insulin from the liver. The liver is chosen among all the other organs because it is the most accessible. But these new islet cells in the body will be treated as any other foreign particle inside the body by the immune system of the body. The immunity system will try its best to destroy the islet cells. So after this procedure of introducing islets cells in the body, a diabetes type 1 patient should also undergo a treatment which involves immunosuppressant. This procedure reduces the actions of the body's immunity system. The procedure of the islet cell implantation has been gaining importance and is getting popular and popular.

Apart from these medical operations there are also some other things that you should keep in mind to check the level of blood glucose in your body. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is to follow a regular diet. You should not only eat the right quality of food but also the right quantity of food at regular intervals and daily. You should also involve yourself in physical activities so that you remain physically fit. This will let you improve from the condition of diabetes type 1 that you are suffering from.


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