Thursday, July 21, 2011

Diabetes type 2 Cure - A Detailed Study

Diabetes type 2 is a type of disorder which hampers the normal functioning of the body organs. But diabetes type 2 is curable. But before proceeding on diabetes type 2 cure we should first understand how diabetes type 2 is caused.

There are some myths surrounding the causes of diabetes type 2. First we should clear them. It should be always remembered that diabetes type 2 is not caused only by gaining weight. Obesity may be one of the factors causing diabetes but it is not the major and one and only factor. People generally have this idea that obesity causes diabetes because most people who have diabetes are fat. This happens because the things which are responsible for causing diabetes, they are also responsible for causing obesity.

The main cause of diabetes type 2 is the intake of large amount of man made oils. These are not cholesterol. They are trans-fatty acids. If you intake a large amount of this Trans fatty acids with your diet they tend to get stuck to the walls of the cells. As they are different from cholesterol they make the wall of the cells impenetrable. That is why glucose molecules which are quite big in size can not get inside the cells. These glucose molecules get stored in the body in the fat cells and thus results making the person fat.

Apart from type 2 diabetes, these Trans fatty acids also cause obesity and heart disease. That is why people tend to think that type 2 diabetes causes the other two. But these Trans fatty acids are the main culprits behind all these three diseases. So, for type 2 diabetes cure you have to get rid of Trans fatty acids and other bad acids. If you stop taking these bad fats with your diet diabetes type 2 will vanish but it will take a long time for the cells with bad fats to die and new cells to grow. But don't worry as you can also speed up the process. For that you have invariably stop taking the bad fats and also include a lot of good fats in your diet.

A detailed diabetes type 2 cure is given below-

· Start taking Omega 3 and Omega 6. But it is important to take more amount of omega 3 than omega 6. They should be taken in the ration of 3:1. Our normal diet consists of more amount of omega it is important to reverse the ratio.

· Vitamin B12 should be taken with omega 3.

· Methyl sulfonyl methane or MSM gives elasticity to the walls of the cells hence they can be taken as a supplement for type 2 diabetes cure. While buying MSM remember to check that they do not contain any additives.

· Vitamin B12 is an important supplement.

· Pure form of coral capsules can also be taken. The dosage is 6 capsules daily.

· An amount of vitamin D which should be around 10,000 I.U. should be taken along with the coral capsules as it helps in the absorption of the coral calcium.

· You should also take 3 grams of Vitamin C daily as mineral ascorbate. You should gradually increase the amount of Vitamin C you intake.

· Cinnamon is also important to soften the walls of the cell.


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