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Allergic to Alcohol

Allergic to Alcohol

Do you feel that you cannot tolerate alcohol? Well, it would mean that you are allergic to alcohol. The next question obviously is can you be allergic to alcohol? Yes, you can. Scroll down to know more.

A person is said to be alcohol tolerant when his/her body responds well to the ethanol present in alcohol. This means that the person can become sober faster, after the alcohol consumption and develops a resistance from becoming dependent on alcohol i.e. can resist alcoholism. Alcohol intolerance is just the opposite. Those people who face problems after the consumption of alcohol are said to be allergic to alcohol. Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol? Yes, it is. Read the below paragraphs to know more about it.

There are people who do not believe that they may have alcohol allergy and may continue to consume it in spite of suffering heavily after the alcohol consumption. This continuous consumption is called as alcohol abuse. They ignore the various symptoms that prove the fact that they are allergic to alcohol. They are also known as the alcohol intolerance symptoms. The following paragraphs will throw some light on the symptoms and treatments of alcohol allergies.

Allergic to Alcohol Symptoms

If you want to know how to tell if you are allergic to alcohol, read the below mentioned symptoms. The most common alcohol allergy symptoms are nasal congestion and flushing of skin. Let us look into these and the others in detail.

Nasal Congestion

Alcohol dries up the nasal passage and this increases the risk of inflammation in the nose. This can lead to nasal congestion. If you experience nasal congestion immediately after consuming alcohol, it means that you have alcohol allergy and should stop drinking alcohol for good.

Flushing Skin

The face or the body of the person, who is allergic to alcohol, flushes after consumption of alcohol. This happens due to acetaldehyde accumulation, a product of the alcohol. This is common in the Asians and hence is called as the Asian Red or Asian Glow. In severe cases, this flushing skin can become warm and red. The person may also face itching and hives, if he is severely allergic.


Ethanol, a type of alcohol, immediately affects the blood vessels in the body, after being consumed. The blood vessels dilate in the brain and this leads to headaches. In worst cases, this dilation can also lead to migraines. Other than this, other ingredients in the alcohol can also cause headaches. If you experience headache immediately after alcohol consumption, you might be allergic and it is better to stop drinking to avoid future problems.


One of the common symptoms of being allergic to alcohol, vomiting is caused due to alcohol poisoning. The body reacts to the toxins in the alcohol and that leads to vomiting. The alcohol is known to choke the respiratory function and this results in the death of the person as he/she can choke on his/her own vomit. Vomiting cannot be ignored as it can lead to severe consequences like slipping into a coma, brain damage and in worst cases, death of the person. If you show signs of vomiting after consumption of alcohol, it means that you are allergic to alcohol and need to stop drinking.

Increased Heartbeat

Drinking alcohol leads to atrial fibrillation which is a medical condition which increases the heart beats. Palpitations and heart flutters are also a result of increased heart beat. This increases the risks of heart attacks in the person who experiences an increase in his/her heart beat after alcohol consumption.


Apart from these, the other symptoms of alcohol allergy are nausea, lightheadedness, severe coughing, heartburn, excessive and severe pain, losing consciousness, etc. A person suffering from any of these symptoms needs to be immediately rushed to the emergency room for proper treatments. Failure to do so might result in permanent damage to the brain and the heart or worst, death of the person.

Treatment for Person Allergic to Alcohol

If you want to know whether you are allergic to alcohol, there are certain skin tests and allergies tests that you can get done by your doctor. These tests will determine how serious your allergies are. Alcohol testing is also done for further diagnoses. Once the allergies are determined, the doctor can prescribe the right alcohol treatment. They might also suggest alcohol detoxification. However, the only way to stop the allergies from resurfacing would be to completely stop the alcohol consumption. Do not attempt any home remedies on a person showing these allergies as you do not know the severity of the case. Seek medical assistance immediately once these symptoms are apparent.

For a person who understands that he/she is allergic to alcohol but cannot stop from drinking, alcohol rehabilitation can be the best hope. I hope the article has been useful for you to understand the various symptoms that will show if you are allergic to alcohol. As mentioned above, the best people to handle these allergies are the doctors so go to them immediately when the symptoms are apparent. And also not to forget, prevention is better than cure. So why not stop the consumption of alcohol so that there are no allergies left to treat.


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