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Alcohol test

Alcohol test

There is a new option for those who want a drink without risking your life or that of others.

This is Responsible Consumption Modules or breathalyzers that a little less than two months have been installed in several places to party in Medell?n.

With just enter an amount of money that ranges between 500 and 1,000 pesos, a person can blow through a straw and know what level dealcohol in your body.

Inspired by a painful family experience and motivated by a concern to help save lives, Juan David Giraldo, manager of Breath of Life, brought these machines to Colombia, the only Latin American country, he said, has this technology.

"We offer a simple option to prevent against a potentially catastrophic situation," he said, while he emphasized that the intention is to contribute to education, not repression.

Giraldo emphasized that although the modules are calibrated in accordance with technical standards established by the Legal Medicine, its role is not to supplant the tests conducted by authorities, but simply encourage self-control.

Its aim is to install 3,000 to 10,000 devices of its kind in Colombia, where there are only 100.

"The idea is that later people will not have to pay for taking the test and for that we need more sponsors to get involved with this cause," he said.

Meanwhile, the resources obtained from the tests are used to purchase new modules, each of which has cost about four million pesos.

Raul Ramirez, commercial director of the Corporation Zona Rosa in El Poblado, where the devices have been installed, stressed the importance of the initiative.

"We value social responsibility for this campaign and education for visitors and prevention of life and to raise awareness," he said.

Do not rely

But those who seek to use the equipment for the standard to cheat, you can bring surprises.

Categorically, the toxicologist Hugo Gallego said it is not reliable because the metabolism of alcohol absorption is constant.

This means that if you just take a shot at the site of rumba, are tested and ready to leave for home, esealcohol will be absorbed during the following minutes and the alcohol will go up on the road. "The drinks are not absorbed immediately, is the first one, so say it went into reverse," he said.

From there, said "the danger of contests liquor makers, some of whom end up unconscious or dead, as happened recently in a population of Peru, whose winner died three hours after acute poisoning.

"When you have taken several drinks, the absorption kinetic constant, ie the latter are to be absorbed phyllite then more start to be taken before leaving for home," he said.

This leads to the specialist knowledge to conclude that "the extent of the device is not reliable" because the drinks can raise blood alcohol hours and reflect the concentration at the time of a checkpoint.

Of course, "he admitted no fast acetylators, who are those people who metabolize alcohol faster and endure a little longer, while slow acetylators with a few drinks were drunk, but this is in theory and the same people do not know.

In an extreme case, who will lead, it would have to take a drink every 45 minutes to allow the body to metabolize it and the alcohol is minimal.

Oh, and in the consumption of coffee or energy drinks with liquor, Gallego said other risks, as there are world-class research showing that those who do not notice or feel that they are drunk, but concentrations in the blood dealcohol are very high.

It may even worsen the situation because the responsiveness is impaired when taking a strong coffee or energizing. "We support over is a myth. There is more risk of dehydration, imbalance and cardiac arrhythmias, because they will have more loss of fluids, caffeine is a diuretic and makes you urinate more," he said.

Final car better without

Rumberos access to breathalyzer, is interpreted by authorities as a positive and confident in Medellin you can not drive drunk.

Undersecretary of Traffic Control, Rafael Nanclares, values that can be an indicator of how people are, but not proof in itself.

Rather, reported that in Medell?n and boredom will work harder than before, because the loss of a drunk driver "is no accident, but rather predictable."

So stressed that party who will not have to drive, more so now that the nightspots and the same insurance companies offer the service conductor. "We do not want young people lose everything in a rumba." More articles -


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