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Allergies and Today

Allergies and Today

This article talks about the relationship of the current food product processing and the rise of allergies.

Today, the cases of allergies have a significant increase over the past years; it is more prevalent nowadays. Many have thought that this might be the effect of globalization on how foods are being processed. Moreover, allergies are most likely linked to be playing a major role in several diseases and condition that could be tapped by a simple regimen to a complicated medical intervention. Allergies, as we all know is an immune system disorder in which it takes form by hypersensitivity. Common symptoms of this are sneezing, itching that takes in a form of hives or eczema and coughing but we should always watch out of it life-threatening symptom and that is bronchoconstriction.

They say that more is better but think twice. The sprouting of unfamiliar variety of foods and certain chemicals that we unconsciously take in our system every day has increased over the past years. Many of these are created and vastly entered the human’s food chain. Instead of natural, we go for artificial that is why our body is having a hard time in coping up with these new materials and that is why allergies are now present.

Why we don’t wonder why the foods that we eat are so appealing and mostly half bigger than its usual sizes? This is because of the fertilizers that they feed on those food products and on the dark side of it, we ingest residuals of those pest-killing sprays on an every day basis. These are known toxins and the instinct of our body is to combat these things. This could be a parcel of information of the rise in number of people with allergies. Another factor that has been linked up with this is the antibiotics and hormones that they try to inject to animals that we feed on. These products are not known to our body and this could trigger an allergic reaction effect.

Another point to be dealt with that could be a factor in the rise of allergies is the genetically modified products. It is very amazing that technology have touched down up to the genetic make-up of certain products. Allergies are the upshot of intense energy mix-up between our system and the foods we ingest. To understand more clearly, foods are most likely to give us a distinctive energy.

Now, we can guess that these food products when eaten could release substances that come close to our body and creates a combination of energies. If this combination of energy goes well, it could have a positive reaction. However, if our body does not go well with the mix-up, negative reactions could occur and it will apparently form into an allergy.

We should be mindful on what we are eating and ingesting, this is could be very vital in our life. Let us choose on a variety of food products that are organically produced and avoid those of using pesticides and genetically modified products. We should choose to be healthy so that allergies would be easy to manage.

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