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Allergy Remedy - Nature Cures and Diet Tips

Allergy Remedy - Nature Cures and Diet Tips

There are many effective allergy remedies that can be helpful in reducing allergy symptoms. Controlling the air quality, taking natural supplements and focusing on eating the proper foods is the natural first step to take.

Improving Air Quality

Although it is tempting to jump straight to using natural remedies and supplements, it is essential that a person suffering from allergies review their home environment. Poor air quality in the home can exacerbate allergies and make the symptoms worse.

The use of a HEPA filter air cleaner can be essential for those with symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes and nose, sinus congestion and sneezing. A HEPA filter will trap practically all significant allergy-causing substances that float in the air. These include skin cells that come off your skin constantly, animal dander, dust and pollen.

If you have pets, letting them into your bedroom may not be to your best interest. After all, when you sleep for at least seven hours, you are breathing in the air in that closed room. The air quality, especially in your bedroom, must be kept as high as possible to reduce allergy symptoms.

Carpets are notorious for attracting and holding on to all types of allergy causing substances. If practical, replace the carpets in the bedroom with laminate or hardwood floors. A quick wet mop will pick up all allergy causing particles.

When vacuuming carpets, only use a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter. This will ensure that the air exhausted back into the room is as clean as possible. Of course, a central vacuum system is significantly better as vacuumed air is never exhausted back into the room.

Natural Remedies and Supplements

The top three supplements that are shown to be very useful in reducing allergies would have to be fish oil, vitamin C and vitamin D. It is known that fish oil can cut down on the inflammatory response in the body. Vitamin C shows antihistamine-like effects similar to allergy medications like Zyrtec, Clarinex, Claritin and Allegra albeit not as potent.

Vitamin D has recently been suspected to be responsible for allergy and asthma conditions. Some studies show that people suffering from allergies and asthma seem to have lower levels of vitamin D than those that do not.

It might necessary to take all three together for maximum effect. Fortunately, these supplements are beneficial regardless if you suffer from allergies or not and they do not cause any significant risk or side effects even at higher than recommended doses.

Dietary Changes

It is now known that the types of food that you eat have a significant effect on the health and immune response of your body. Avoid foods that cause the body to produce excessive amounts of mucus. These include all dairy products, refined flour, chocolate and eggs.

Obviously fast foods, preservatives, food colorings and processed foods are to be avoided as much possible.

Focus on eating more of fruits and vegetables. They contain chemicals such as antioxidants that promote the health of your immune system.

It is possible to significantly reduce your allergy symptoms naturally by making the necessary changes to your home environment, taking supplements and changing your diet.

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