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Allergy Shots for Effective Allergy Relief

Allergy Shots for Effective Allergy Relief

Allergies are a collection of common symptoms your body experiences when it comes into contact with a substance it does not have any immunity to. It is a matter of preventing it from happening and causing you irritation or life threatening reactions.

Imagine spending most of your life waiting for your wedding day. You’ve done all the planning. The church setting is perfect and your boss offers to let you use his backyard for the reception of your dreams. Thousands of dollars and lots of decorations later, you walk down the aisle to your new life and head to the reception so people can celebrate your wedding. Ten minutes into the reception, your face swells. Your eyes start to tear – leaving black mascara lines down your face and onto your white dress. You can’t stop sneezing, and eventually for your own safety, you are forced to leave. Apologizing profusely you see mulberry trees in the yard and realize your dream wedding has just been ruined by common allergies. If only you had known! If only you had taken allergy shots!

Allergies are Unique

Many people are allergic to something. Some folks are allergic to pollens or grass. Others are allergic to foods or pet dander. Allergies are a collection of common symptoms your body experiences when it comes into contact with a substance it does not have any immunity to. In order to fight what the body sees as an invader, the body causes things such as sneezing, watering eyes, swelling or itching. Allergy relief isn’t just a matter of stopping those symptoms. It’s a matter of preventing them from happening and causing you irritation or life threatening reactions. In order to find the right solution a qualified allergist must first discover what you are allergic to and determine the best method of treatment.

Allergies can be prevented

Common treatments for allergic reactions are usually "after-the-fact" remedies, such as an Epi-pen for bee stings or a cream to stop the hives from a food allergy. Other treatments focus on managing the symptoms for allergy relief. Over the counter antihistamines are primarily used for pollen and grass allergies. This prevents the production of histamine, which fights the cold-like symptoms associated with an allergy attack. A growing preference in treatment is to take allergy shots, which are more proactive. These shots actually prevent the body from reacting to the allergen instead of dealing with the after-effects.

How Do Allergy Shots work?

Allergy shots work on the principal that if the body gets used to a certain allergen it will not longer try to fight or eradicate it from the body’s environment. Allergy shots actually take a very small portion of what the patient is allergic to, and places in it the body via injection. As the body adjusts the presence of the allergen over time, it no longer sees it as a threat and the allergies stop. Allergy relief via the shots is a permanent solution to allergies as opposed to just an alleviation of symptoms. The shots take approximately 6 months of weekly injections for the body to adjust to its new reality.

Risks and Considerations

There are a few risks associated with allergy shots. If your allergy is severe, your body may react to the shot, even though its just a small amount. After your shot you will be kept in your doctor’s office for 20 minutes to make sure you aren’t reacting. Reactions are very rare. Other people who cannot take allergy shots are people with heart conditions involving beta blockers, people with other immunity disorders or pregnant women. A doctor will screen you for any risks before your regimen begins. Most people find the shots the best method for allergy relief and well worth the risk.

Allergy shots are an effective method to control allergies and make sure your life is your own again. No more hoping there isn’t a certain type of flower or pollen present. No more countless pills a day from the pharmacy just to control the runny nose and itchy eyes you get every time someone mows their lawn. Instead of just getting by with some sort of pacifying medication, get real relief by not experiencing the reaction at all.

Allergy shots go straight to the source and will give you care-free days, and the promise of a beautiful, undamaged wedding reception, picnic or pleasure cruise. See an allergist about your allergies and stop suffering once and for all.


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