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Allergy Symptoms To Look Out For

Allergy Symptoms To Look Out For

Many people, who have pet dogs, are unaware that they could be displaying allergy symptoms. Oftentimes, these symptoms are so mild, that they go unnoticed. However, it’s important that you realize if you’re suffering from any dog allergy symptoms.

When a new pet comes into a home it can be difficult if one person develops an allergic reaction to something about that particular dog. The challenge is that these reactions can go on for months without someone noticing that there is a problem, especially when they are not severe. Many people suffer from pet allergies, and they can start out as slight allergies but build to very serious conditions. The way that your body reacts to the allergy symptoms will determine what you should do about them.

Typical Dog Allergy Symptoms

If you find yourself exhibiting any of these symptoms when your dog is around it could mean there is something about your dog that you are allergic to:

Runny nose - Each time the dog comes around you, or a family member starts to sneeze.

Itchy Eyes - Often this happens after an individual has rubbed their eyes after petting the pet.

Sneezing - This can be a few sneezes or several in a row.

Break out in hives - These are small bumps on the skin that usually happen after petting a dog or after it has liked a person's hands or face.

Difficulty breathing - In extreme cases an individual can have difficulty breathing, or have wheezing that sounds like asthma after interaction with a dog. This can be one type of breed or all dogs.

If anyone in the family has these symptoms it is a good idea to go to the doctor to see whether something can be done.

What The Doctor Will Do

In most cases the doctor will give some type of antihistamine to stop the allergic reaction. If they only prescribe a drug without a skin test it is a good idea to ask to see an allergist. In the allergist's office a skin test will be given, to reveal what you are allergic to.

The procedure for the skin test is that you will be pricked on the back with small needles that have a little allergen within them. If the allergy spot turns red or itches, this is the indication that the allergen has been found.

Treatment of Allergy Symptoms

Most doctors will determine treatment based on the severity of the allergic reactions. Usually there is an option for allergy shots, or oral medication. Most often the oral medication will result in antihistamines to block the natural histamines that the body produces in reaction to the allergen.

If you need allergy shots but you do not like this idea ask the doctor for sublingual immunotherapy. This is allergy drops that can be taken in lieu of the shots.

There are also over the counter medicines like Benadryl that help some people and natural remedies that you can find at a health food store in the herbal remedy section.

Allergies can be a natural part of many people's lives and the best thing to do is to understand what is triggering the allergic reaction so it can be remedied quickly.

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