Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Foot Care for Diabetic

Diabetes is a malfunction of body organs that result in the failure of the body to absorb glucose from blood, to be absorbed by the cells and burned as energy for our daily life activity. The high blood sugar level that stay on the blood have the , effect on the body system and organs, not to be mentioned the nerve and circulatory system on the lower part of the body.

In other words, this speed up the aging process of the lower part of the body ((peripheral vascular disease) and the absence of protection effect on foot and leg and failure to use the immune system to fight infection. This situation has different effect on every body with the same condition. Scientific research shows that a strict devotion to medical treatment together with a good exercise help to maintain the blood sugar level in an appropriate condition, thus it will prevent another complications.

At first, symptoms might be negligible. Dry skin around your toes, or tickling feeling on toes at night. Sooner or later, it will lead to complete anesthetized in your foot, that will cause in the failure of immunity and finally neuropathic ulceration. Feet and lower limb will not be able to get enough oxygen and nutrition as the result of the decreasing circulation to them. This will lead to gangrene and even amputation. Yes indeed it seem to be very cruel, but this amputation could be the best way when any other treatment is not enough.

An organization of diabetes in Australia has recommended a regular checkup on your foot health by expert podiatrist to count the quality of your foot-health as a precaution act against diabetes. Podiatrist is an expert on the treatment on the foot, ankle and lower legs. They will be able to diagnose the condition of your lower limb and give you a description on your general health condition. Moreover, pediatric will provide some treatment and consultation necessary on the condition of your foot health. When it is necessary, an examination will be done on overall and detail condition of your foot and legs, including nail and others. The information on your lower limb health then will be passed to the specialist on diabetes and a possible advance treatment maybe recommended based on your foot health condition.

These are some tips to take care of your foot and monitor your foot health:

Clean your foot with clean water daily and make sure that you put a special awareness on the part between toes.

Examine your foot carefully everyday to make sure that they are in a perfect condition, without any cuts, spots, or other unusual condition. (if you find difficulties in seeing your foot directly and clearly, use mirror)

You should wear an adequate shoes,that is fit and comfortable. Wear non elastic top cotton socks to lessen the pressure on your lower leg . It will also absorb sweat well. Visit podiatry diabetes foot to get examine annually.


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