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Detox Diets that Work

Detox Diets that Work

You are about to read about the best detox diets that work. No scam products or extreme diets, just simple healthy detox diets. Keep reading...

Detox stands for detoxification. It is the evacuation of conceivably harmful substances from the body. Even though detox is generally considered as a remedy for alcohol or drug addiction, it is also applied to diets and ways of getting rid of environmental and dietary poisonous substances from the body for general fitness. But detox diets also attract many critics. They think that most of the relations of these diets with medical science are not logically based. Agreed, a lot of such diets have quite severe restrictions, and should be embarked upon with great care. Here I have given some detox diets that work toward cleaning your body along with eradicating a lot of fat. I would like to suggest that you first read what is a detox diet.

Detox Diets for Weight Loss

The plan is simple. Eat foods that facilitate the function of your kidneys, liver and lymph. And avoid the foods that are difficult to digest and make the kidneys and other organs work more. Following are the most popular detox diets that work.

Lemonade Diet

Lemonade detox diet is very popular amongst many celebrities. This helps you lose some weight which is caused due to water retention. Following this diet for two weeks will ensure that your kidneys and digestive system are cleansed properly and all toxins are extracted. But this diet is very difficult to follow, as it is not a food detox diet, and people with heart trouble, diabetes, etc. should not follow it without their doctors permission. Lemonade detox diet ingredients involve fresh water, fresh lemon juice, natural maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything else. Also read about Lemon detox diet recipe to make one of your own.

Raw Food Diet

There are many diet plans based on the raw food detox diet. The plans contain the use of 80 percent raw foods in the daily consumption. The raw food diet contains lesser trans fats and saturated fat than our typical diet. In this diet you can eat all fruits and vegetables. But you have to eat the vegetables raw. You cannot even boil or steam them. The idea is to give the body more fiber to enhance the digestive system. Thus, it is a good detox diet for weight loss. Below is the list of foods that are allowed in a raw food detox diet. But don't eat them all in one day. Make a plan and distribute these foods over the week. Also, you will have to drink a lot of water, otherwise the diet will be harmful.

Foods Allowed in a Raw Food Detox Diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables






Dried fruit


Unprocessed organic or natural foods

Freshly juiced fruit and vegetables

Purified water

Young coconut milk Energy Diet

This natural detox diet is best suited for athletes and other sports persons, as it focuses on creating more energy in the body with comparatively less food. This is also good for healthy weight loss. This easy detox diet sort of combines the lemonade and raw food diet. You have to basically eat most of the foods raw. Juices, salads and some desserts form a major part of this diet. But the important thing in this diet is regular exercise. You have to do atleast a 30 minute cardio exercise everyday, so that your immunity improves and metabolism speeds up. Following is a list of foods allowed in this diet. Again, make a plan that will distribute the consumption of these foods over the week (the order is not important).

Foods Allowed in the Energy Diet

Sea vegetables

Fresh juices




Coconut oil





Pumpkin seeds


Fish oil



Brown rice



Whey protein

You can also refer to some other detox diets that work plans, like:

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7 Day Detox Diet

Juice Based Detox Diet

Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

These were the detox diets that work. But, as I have said before, do not start following them before taking your doctors advice.


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