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Detox Diet Plan

Detox Diet Plan

The various detox diet plan presented in this article should be useful for cleansing the body. Removal of toxins results into many health benefits. Let us find more about the different detox diets plans.

The detox diet plans vary on the basis of their duration; the '3 day detox', '7 day detox' plans are generally used by people. There are a lot of benefits offered by detox which helps cleanse the body. Detox is a short form of detoxification; the removal of toxins which accumulate in our body on a regular basis is possible with detox programs. The body's natural resistance to illness is increased after these detox programs. Detox diet plan, weight loss programs and other such measures cause the brain to produce chemicals which altogether give a sense of well being. Let us get into the details of detox diets plans through information presented below.

Natural Detox Diet Plans

The detox diet plans presented below are made for the removal of toxins. Depending on the urge or need to clear toxins as early as possible, one should choose a lengthier detox program. One should however, also take into account the capacity or limit to which one can stretch his body. Side-effects like light-headedness, irritability, tiredness, etc. can be experienced during the detox period. Let us understand more about different natural detox diet plans through following paragraphs.

One Day Detox

The detox diet plans are generally 3-7 days in duration. However, a one-day detox too helps recharge the body and purify it. For such easy detox diet plans, lemon juice cleanse is the most suitable one. Other fruit juices/detox drinks to lose weight can also be used. Procedure to prepare the lemon juice cleanse is given below. One shouldn't eat or drink anything but the juice during the detox period. Procedure to make the lemon juice cleanse is given below.

Two tbsp. of lemon juice should be mixed in 8 oz. water (filtered).

A tbsp. of real maple syrup should be added to the above mixture.

A little bit of cayenne pepper should also be added to the whole mixture.

7 Day Detox Plan

In the 7 day detox diet plan, a week-long process of detoxification helps the body to get back in tune. The detox diet plan menu for 7 days should include fruits, vegetables, brown rice, beans, lentils, potatoes, tofu, herbs, etc. Cereals should be consumed in lesser quantities during the detox period. Fruits and vegetables form bulk of diet on first day. For next two days of the 7 day detox diet plan, cereals should to be included in the diet. Again on the fourth day, fruits have to be consumed. The drinks like tea/coffee should be taken without sugar. Fifth day should be reserved for foods like macaroni. Since, detox programs are aimed at giving rest to the digestive system, one should include as much fruits in the diet as possible and exclude heavy-to-digest foods. One should therefore, make maximum possible use of vegetables on sixth day. On the seventh and final day, items containing starch can be included in the detox diet plan. The 3 day detox diet plans along with 7 day detox diet plans are popular. Reading about information on 3 day detox cleanse should prove to be useful for readers.

Monotrophic Diet Plan

This easy detox diet plan includes the intake of one kind of food on a continual basis. For example, one should eat the same food (fruit/vegetable) during a particular meal until he/she satiates the hunger. A different fruit can be chosen for the next meal however, one shouldn't mix it, neither with other fruits nor any other food item. Fruit juice should be taken at about 4 p.m. in the evening. Fruits like apple, banana, pear, etc. should be consumed in the evening. The detox program with monotrophic diet should continue for 3 days. During the entire period of this lemon water detox, one should take enough rest. One shouldn't unnecessarily go for stress-inducing tasks.

The detox diet plans presented in this article should help us understand what is a detox diet exactly and provide an overview of how to follow this program in different ways. One would find the body to be charged up after the detox program. A feeling of wellness engulfs the mind and one is ready to work (and live life) with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.


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