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Detox Diet Recipes

Detox Diet Recipes

Detox diets are most preferred as they help to get rid of toxins present in the body. Read on to know about some useful detox diet recipes.

Detox is a short form of the term, detoxification. Today, when every single person is conscious about weight-related issues and wishes to have healthy, glowing skin, detox diets provide the answer by cleansing the body from within. So, have you wondered, what is a detox diet? What are the benefits of such a diet plan? Well, detox diets remove toxic substances from our body. In this fast-paced world, we are used to consuming foods that ultimately produce toxins in the body. Following a detox diet plan helps one to keep a check over what is consumed and also subsequently cleanse the body. The foods in the detox diet mainly include organic foods. A detox diet plan can also include the following food items:

Fresh fruits


Herbal tea


Plenty of water

Fiber-rich foods


One should take care to avoid meat, fish, sugar, caffeine and various forms of processed foods in the diet. The benefits of such a diet are many, from glowing skin to weight loss. Let’s check some recipes for detox diet, which you can include in your plan and have a variation in the kind of food you consume.

Detox Diet Recipes

Yummy Egg Recipe (for breakfast)


Egg whites (2)

Red pepper - diced (ј cup)

Cooked black beans (ј cup)

Salsa (2 tablespoons)

Red onion - finely diced (2 tablespoons)

Cilantro - minced (Ѕ tablespoon)

Salt and pepper to taste


Begin by whisking the egg whites in a mixing bowl. Place it aside. Take a non-stick skillet and place the red pepper with red onions and add some cilantro. Cook this over medium heat for 5 minutes. Once it softens, add the salsa and black beans. Keep stirring it constantly. Now, scramble the eggs in this and add salt and pepper for seasoning. Serve hot. Add a dash of salsa to taste with some cilantro leaves as garnish.

Broth Recipe with Millet (for lunch)


Millet (1 cup)

Vegetable broth (4 cups)

Chopped green onion (Ѕ cup)

Chopped parsley (1 cup)

Tomato - chopped (1)

Salt and black pepper


Place a saucepan on low heat. Now, combine the millet with vegetable broth in the saucepan. Let it cook for half an hour. Ensure the vegetable broth is completely absorbed. Next, add the parsley along with the green onion and tomato. Use salt and pepper for seasoning. Serve warm.

Vegetable Tortillas (for dinner)

Your choice of vegetables can be substituted to match the detox diet plan for this recipe.


Wholemeal or corn tortillas (4 to 8 inch)

Zucchini - sliced (3/4th cup)

Roma tomatoes - each sliced into pieces (3)

Cucumber - peeled and sliced thin (1)

Carrot - shredded (3/4th cup)

Lettuce leaves - washed and patted dry (4)

Summer squash - sliced (3/4th cup)


First, you need to place the tortillas on a cutting board. Then, place 1 lettuce leaf on each tortilla. On top of this lettuce leaf, place 3 slices of tomatoes. Next, place 3 tablespoons of sliced zucchini and 3 tablespoons of sliced summer squash. Follow this with 3 tablespoons of shredded carrot and place 6 slices of cucumber in neat rows. Now, fold the bottom side of the tortilla and bring it towards the center area. Fold each side, and use a toothpick to secure the tortilla. Use an aluminum foil to wrap it and place it in an airtight container.

Always consult your dietitian to have a proper detox diet plan chalked out for you. Use variations in the food recipes to keep your taste buds tingling!


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