Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Attractive Smile: Four Types Of Teeth Whitening Reviewed

An Attractive Smile: Four Types Of Teeth Whitening Reviewed

The yearning for beautiful white teeth has seen a great increase in recent history and this new demand has seen the rise of new methods and cheaper costs for whitening consumer products. Simply put, it does not cost as much as it did a few years ago to have white teeth. Here is a review of some standard teeth whitening procedures used these days.

The method of teeth whitening using trays typically involves going to your dentist and having a mold of your teeth prepared and then trays made from the mold. You may be able to buy "blank" molds that can be heated and push onto teeth to form a mold. The difficulty with the dentist mold is that it is high-priced and insurance will not cover any of the expense. The "homemade" molds are not really good and don't match to teeth sufficiently to attain even whitening.

The use of lights in teeth cleaning may involve blue, white or laser lights. Using lights to speed up the teeth whitening process is growing but still controversial or at least confusing. The system is simply to apply the normal bleaching agent (peroxide) to the teeth and then place a light that will help to activate the peroxide. This certainly increases the cost of the process since the lights are expensive. The resulting whitening shades and longevity from blue lights to "laser" lights can be different just as whether it is completed professionally by your dentist or at a salon.

One procedure that has fallen in status is the use of whitening strips. The strips are a mess to handle and do not seem to give the promised results. There use is to simply put the whitening strip on the teeth for a certain length of time. Getting them to stay in place is not always easy.

Another product, teeth whitening swabs, is gaining ground in this ever increasing teeth whitening arena. The swab application approach is much easier for everyone to use. Many celebrities seem to have found this technique fits their needs and life styles best.

The swab whitening technique has two main advantages. The first is that it is somewhat inexpensive as compared to most other systems, with the possible exception of "homemade" bleaches and some over-the-counter whiteners. The second reason is that it is regarded as the easiest to use and requires less time than others.

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