Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anti Aging Skin Cream Vs Botox - Whats More Efficient?

A great number of women are convinced botox and face lift operations are the swiftest and most efficient methods for reducing telltale signs of age. Well, to put it simply, they are wrong - because deep wrinkle cream is actually significantly more helpful than botox & face lifts; AND, in most cases, it works quicker too! And just in case those two shocking facts aren't adequate to change your mind, listed here are 3 more to finish the task.

Why Deep Wrinkle Cream Are the Smarter Option…

1. No Pain Or Irritation: Regardless of what you choose to think of it as, cosmetic operations are in fact SURGERY! Do not expect a smooth and tremendously comfortable experience, it will not be. Not only may there be a large level of discomfort, but some folks must actually take pain pills right after the treatment. On the flip side, what discomfort is associated with applying a deep anti wrinkle lotion? You put it on your skin every night and you are finished. No pain, zero discomfort, merely a quick application and you get wrinkle-free skin. Boy-oh-boy, what a tough call this is turning out to be.

2. Extremely Cheap: The expense of botox and face lifts is no mere pittance. Botox injections will have to be done many times a year at $700 to $900 a pop, and face lifts will cost you several thousand dollars at the very least. Now take those figures and compare them to the amount you may invest in deep anti aging cream month after month (or every few months based on your usage). Several hundred dollars annually OR a couple thousand - hmm, what seems more sensible?

3. Far Better Results That Last Longer: Botox effects only motion wrinkles and is approved (by the FDA) for treating only 5% of your entire face. The effects last about 3 to 5 months, at which time you will require yet another injection. Face lifts last a whole lot longer than botox, but when the benefits start fading away, the sagging of the skin is often SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE than it was before. A top quality deep anti aging cream, on the other hand, can be used on your entire face, it can help to eliminate ALL aging signs, the rewards last so long as you keep using the cream on a regular basis, and last but not least, your skin literally grows more resilient against all signs of aging. As they say, when you compare, there's no comparison!

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Julia said...

In my case botox was way more effective than anti aging creams. I tried several anti aging creams but the result never came...some say you have to use such creams for a long period to have some results...but as you might know when you're full of wrinkles time is not something you want to waste...
I decided to try botox Toronto as an alternative and even if it was more expensive than any cream, the result was amazing and the nice thing was that I was able to enjoy it after only a few days from the procedure.

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