Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Action Plan For Reducing Stress For Improved Fat Loss

An Action Plan For Reducing Stress For Improved Fat Loss

There is no doubt that you are more stressed than previous generations. And there is no doubt that you are more conscious of time, in addition.

Unfortunately, a lack of time and increasing levels of stress can build upon each other until you are left in an utter state of exhaustion.

So here is how to reduce stress while simultaneously creating more time for dieting and weight loss goals:

1. List your stressors: But don't list all of them, only list the ones taking up the majority of your mental space. Tackle the big rocks first before removing the little pebbles. Now the next step is to completely forget about the stressors you have no control over. And write down action steps for the ones you can influence.

2. List your open processes: Open processes or open loops will constantly drain you of mental energy and time. They are like leeches that just keep on sucking out your life blood. So make a list of the ones you can't control and forget about them forever. Then make action items for the ones you can control.

3. Make dieting as easy as possible: Every action you take has a certain barrier to it. For instance, eating a healthy meal requires the preparation. Going to the gym requires getting your stuff together and making the trip. So make sure you make a list of things you can do to decrease these barriers.

4. Do not sweat the small stuff: Instead, put all your energy into changing your routines and processes. If you focus on changing your daily routines, instead of focusing on minutiae, weight loss will become automatic because you will internalize the required skills.

5. Be careful with adrenalin: In other words, do not become addicted to adrenaline for completion of activities. Use stress hormones only for short bursts of activity and in moderation. Far too many people constantly bombard their systems with stress hormones (i.e., caffeine intakes) to get things done.

While knowing the mechanics of dieting and exercise is important for successful weight loss, I believe that knowing the mechanics of behavior change is far more important. After all, sticking to a program for the long run is what really separates the weight loss hopefuls from the weight loss successes.

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