Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tumors of The Outer Ear a€“ Treatment of Disease from Remedies Available - Diseases Treatment - Symptoms, Causes and Cure for Diseases on A to Z

Like all tumors, those of the outer ear may be either benign (unlikely to spread) or malignant (likely to spread and threaten life).On the visible ear, a benign tumor occurs as a painless wart. In the canal itself, it occurs as a hard growth of underlying bone tissue calA­led an osteoma. With an osteoma, there may be no symptoms at all, or an accumulation of wax, discomfort, and hearing loss.

Malignant tumors on the visible ear occur as warty growths, like benign tumors, or as ulcers or bleeding sores that fail to heal. Malignant tumors are like skin cancer. The cells multiply uncontrollably. They may bleed, and eventually become painful. Malignant tumors in the outer ear canal cause intense earache and bloody drainage.

The dangers of a malignant tumor are the same as those of any malignant growth. If you notice any of the symptoms described, see your physician

What is the Treatment?

Benign tumors can be removed in a minor surgical procedure. Malignant tumors located on the visible ear require either surgery or radiation therapy. During surgery, the tumor and all or part of the visible ear are removed. The operation is sometimes followed by further radiation therapy. Tumors in the canal may require an operation known as a mastoidectomy or temporal bone resection . This operation is followed by radiation therapy.


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