Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cheap Acne Medicine

There are still millions of people in America who is not covered by health insurence. Most of them are unemployement. A research made in 2001 shows that 62 percents of personal bankruptcies caused by the high of medical expenses. This high cost of healthcare, has made the American suffer from the lack of complete medical treatment.

Therefore, even accutane, the acne medicine is now too expensive to be bought since cost of healthcare increase. Thus, this accurate medicine to remove acne seems to be a luxurious medicine. Because of this condition, individuals also tend to avoid consulting doctors which mean an extra expense for them. Good news heard from the online world, that there are some online shops that sell Accutane in a lower price. A report has been made that Accutane is effective in acne treatment with a few side effect. Some people have also put their attention to Herbal medicine, -as an alternative of the using of accutane- that will remove acne without any serious side effects.

Herbal medicine - instead of Accutane or any other acne medicine- contain natural content such as Minerals, Vitamins C and E and Antioxidant which is taken from natural plant. There is no artificial chemical content there. Many doctors has stated that those content are effective and almost risk-free in skin clearing treatment. Antioxidant have the ability to prevent free radical get into our body. Free radical can trigger cancer cell in the body.

Herbal Acne treatment is classified as food products, because the ingridients are all natural. It can be consumed without any doctor's prescription, or consulting to the doctor. To get them is not a big problem. In contrary, if you decide to use accutane, you will need atdoctor's prescription, consultation, which is ofcourse not free of charge, and also regular medical test. Not to mention the Accutane price and it's side effect, also continuous doctor's control to monitor the side effect.

Herbal acne treatments, beside it's low price and less side effect, has also weak points. It have limited effetiveness, and work not as fast as Accutane or any other artificial medicine. For some acute acne problem, Herbal medicines just not enough or not too fast in curing the problem. That's why they who has acute acne problem, in most cases recomended to use accutane.

There are two kinds of acne problem here and there are two solutions. First is the severe acne condition, those who suffer from this problem can use accutane, after consulting to the doctor or dermatologist and being examined, and recieve prescription from him/her to get the medicine.Second case is, those who has "light" acne problems - the "not serious" acne problem- may use herbal acne treatment for the reason stated in the previous paragraph.

Get Accutane only in trusted drugstore, online or offline, and get the benefit of effective acne treatment from it. Cheap accutane can be gained by comparing price, delivery charges and also bonus packages. Get your best price and enjoy the smooth acnee-free skin.


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