Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Natural Way Of Avoiding Wrinkles

How can you prevent facial lines? Staying away from the sunlight is a common suggestion. But, we require some sunlight. Receptors within our skin’s cells create vitamin D when shown to Ultra violet rays of sunlight. Vitamin D is an essential antioxidant. Current surveys indicate that most folks don’t meet their standard daily requirements for the vitamin. The standard use of sunscreen is among the habits blamed for that deficiency.

Not enough sunlight is one of the causes of seasonal depressive problems. So, we have to have sunlight as a way to be happy and feel good. Nothing seems healthier than the usual warm ray of sunlight on a cold winter’s day. It is not basically the sun that does the impairment. It is a little molecule called the free radical. When free radicals are exposed to UV rays, they end up more active than normal. Their activity damages collagen fibers and cellular membranes. Eventually, if the damage is left uncontrolled, they can harm DNA strands, resulting in cellular mutations that could lead to the development of a cancerous cell or a wrinkle.

Free radicals have a natural enemy. It is called an antioxidant. Always keeping the body’s antioxidant status high may be the perfect way to prevent wrinkles. Normally, you will find enough antioxidants to reduce the effects of all of the free radicals inside the skin’s cells, as long as you don’t spend more than Ten or 15 minutes in direct sunlight and you’re reasonably young. Spend more than Ten minutes or so out in the sun and the skin’s antioxidant content will end up lowered. As they neutralize free radicals, they’re damaged.

Years ago, researchers found the fact that skin’s coenzyme Q10 levels were instantly reduced during contact with Ultra violet rays from the sun. Researchers wondered if supplementing the skin’s COQ10 content could aid individuals avoid wrinkles. What they found was that applying creams containing the antioxidant to sun damaged skin actually reversed the harm. That finding was a source of amazement.

As a result of these findings, COQ10 is found in dozens of different lotions and creams. But, most manufacturers usually do not include as much as was used in the scientific studies. In many cases, they don’t even use the right form.

The COQ10 particles must be greatly reduced in size if they are to penetrate into the skin’s deepest layers, repairing damage done along the way. Only a few companies include those tiniest particles. So, with antioxidant-rich creams, we may be able to prevent wrinkles and even reverse them. But, it’s still a good idea to prevent over-exposure to the sun. Wear a big hat when you go out to work in the yard. If you use sunscreen reapply it regularly. Check what the active ingredient is. The most effective is zinc oxide.

There are other ingredients that have proven to be effective for reversing some or all of the signs of aging. Proteins and protein peptides are among them. But, if you want to prevent facial lines or reverse them, you need antioxidants like coenzyme Q10. It’s only the best.


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