Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carbonated Drinks Reduce Number of Sperm

Men who consumed about a liter of soda every day can be harmful to their sex lives. Based on a study of Danish men who consume fizzy drinks can decrease the amount of excess production and sperm quality.

The results were found, the number of sperm a man who regularly drink soft drinks nearly 30 percent lower than those who do not. This discovery was revealed based on a Danish study examining the effects of soft drinks on men’s health.

However, this study also reap the controversy. According to World Health Organization, WHO, sodas are not much affect male reproductive health. Although men have low sperm counts slightly, they remain able to provide offspring.

If related to the caffeine in fizzy drinks, according to researchers coffee is not affect lower sperm count. Jensen, leader of the study, said, few studies look at the impact of caffeine on reproductive health in men. However, the adverse effects of soft drinks will be increased if the drinker’s lifestyle is also unhealthy.

More than 2,500 young men involved in this study. The participants who did not consume soft drinks had better sperm quality, which averaged 50 million sperm per milliliter of semen and tend to have a healthy lifestyle.

Conversely, 93 participants who drank soft drinks more than one liter a day is only 35 million sperm per milliliter. However, they also have a habit of too quickly, and less intake of fruits and vegetables. The study was published in ‘American Journal of Epidemiology’.


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