Thursday, April 19, 2012

Are You Interested To Know About Lean Consultants?

Are You Interested To Know About Lean Consultants?

Businesses that are one without the other is destined to failure as they are built upon innovation and management. An innovative idea, without proper management, dies a painful death. Command from managers for fat pay-cheques is no wonder.

Project management mandates the application of management skills to bring a project to fruition. It basically involves defining objectives in order of their execution, meticulous planning, monitoring, project delivery and control. The whole process works as an integral whole and problems in the chain of events can stall or kill the entire project, resulting in financial and other losses.

Since a lot of money gets invested, it is a priority for project managers to see projects executed without waste or budget overruns. This leads to the concept of lean management; the basic idea behind lean management is to realize goals utilizing only absolutely necessary resources and eliminating wastage, colloquially referred to as 'cutting the flab'. Lean management is geared towards maximizing profits , and of course, increasing efficiency.

For increasing the efficiency of your current business processes specialized business consultants called lean consultants excel. Many consulting firms have provided lean consulting and project management services as they have ventured into business process optimization.

The following steps are involved in lean consulting:

Discovery: It involves understanding and identifying problem areas, assessing and prioritizing processes and creating a transformation roadmap. Guidelines for testing and implementation are laid out and suggested changes are assessed.

Piloting: The creation and implementation of pilot projects are involved in piloting, to test the efficacy of suggested ideas this approach helps. Pilot projects are initiated by creating and enabling a pilot team. The team studies and implements its findings on a small scale. The result of the pilot test is analyzed and revised to quantify potential benefits, efficiency and stability of the project.

Deployment: The final step is deployment. The findings from the pilot project are modified and scaled for implementation. Guidelines for usage and integration across various business processes are laid out for maximum benefit.

Reduced cycle time, low complaint rate, process cost, efficient resource utilization, responsiveness and greater stability are the benefits of lean consulting.

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