Thursday, April 12, 2012

Are You Interested In A Career As A CNS By Any Chance

Are You Interested In A Career As A CNS By Any Chance

A CNS or Clinical Nurse Specialist is an advanced health care professional who works closely with medical doctors in hospitals and health clinics. The clinical nurse specialist can make patient diagnosis and help determine medical therapies. These health care professionals earn a good salary and have great job security.

There is great demand for nurses because there is a nursing shortage in this country. More people are in need of medical care than ever before because the population is growing older at a faster rate than ever before. People who are looking for job security should consider going to nursing school and then becoming a CNS.

The first level of nursing is the licensed vocational nurse or LVN. The LVN earns a good salary and has control over the hours she works. She can work full time or part time, day or night shifts. The next level of nursing is registered nurse.

Some registered nurses choose to go into administrative work and nurse management. Some registered nurses continue with their studies and become nurse practitioners. The nurse practitioners work in critical care units and in the NICU, the neonatal intensive care unit. The nurse practitioner will advise parents of premature babies on the proper care of infants who are born before term.

Registered nurses can return to school and earn a masters degree in nursing and become a nurse practitioner. The practitioner earns an excellent salary and works closely with medical staff usually in critical care units and in the pediatric department. For instance the pediatric nurse practitioner advises parents of premature babies on proper care during the first few months of the baby's life.

The CNS has traveled a long career path to get where she is today. She started as an LVN, become a registered nurse and then a practitioner. She has a lot of knowledge, education, training, and experience.

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