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Activities for Young Adults

Activities for Young Adults

The article deals with some of the interesting activities for young adults. These activities include few games and other fun, recreational stuff...

There are lots of activities that young adults can participate in. They can play games, go for camping trips, participate in adventure sports and perform many such activities. Such activities for young adults are necessary from the point of personality development and also to maintain good health.

Young Adult Activities

The article presented below, incorporates few of the group activities. These fun activities for young adults mentioned below should prove to be useful.


It is one of the fun activities for young adults. The activity of enjoying nature's beauty during a hiking trip can be refreshing and add fun to life. The pressures of everyday life are forgotten during hiking at least for sometime.


The activity of rollerblading not only provides good exercise, but also helps add fun to routine life. It is however, necessary that one keeps himself fit for this activity. Rollerblading might seem difficult in the beginning; however, with a little practice, one would start enjoying this activity. Moreover, it is a good workout; it has been observed that the number of calories lost while skating quickly is equal to that of jogging.

River Rafting

This is an adventure sport played in white water. It is a youth activity performed in rough waters. People resort to this game to experience the excitement and thrill of rafting. Depending on the level of difficulty, the waters used for rafting are categorized in different grades from 1 to 6. Grade 1 requires basic skills while Grade 6 needs the participants to tackle extremely dangerous water currents. More information on outdoor activities for adults should be useful.

Team Building Activities for Young Adults

The following paragraphs describe few of team building activities for young people. These games are played both for recreation and team building.

Name Game

To play this team building activity, participants have to sit in a circle. Any of the participants can start the game. He/she has to say his/her name and along with it, name a personal attribute starting with first letter of the name. The next participant should say both these words and add one of his/her personal characteristic. The chain should continue in this manner. The activity though simple, helps the participants to open up; they get to know each other in a better manner. It is therefore, a great team building activity.

Multi-Way Tug of War

This game is played by dividing the participants into four teams; it is one of the fun team building activities for kids and adults as well. Two ropes need to be used for this game. The ropes have to be tied in an 'X'-shape. All the sections have to be of the same length. The four teams should be handed over these sections of ropes. The game starts with the whistle is blown. This game is similar to the normal tug-of-war game except for the fact that force is applied in 4 directions. The group which goes out of bounds is eliminated from the game. The game continues in this manner until a single winner is left. More information on fun activities for adults should prove to be useful.

Activities for Young Adults with Disabilities

Community services is an area where activities for young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities have been used for a long time. The different activities included in community service programs helps in the development of skills, allowing these young people to pursue their interests and also prepare them for employment.

Catch the Bunny

It is an interesting and simple game to understand for young adults with disabilities. The participants should be made to sit in a circle. Two balls with different sizes are needed for this game. The smaller ball can be named as bunny and the other, large one should be the farmer ball. The bunny ball should be passed in the circle from one player to other. When this ball reaches the halfway stage, farmer ball should be passed in the circle. The objective is to catch the bunny ball with farmer ball. Farmer ball is allowed to change the direction.

Feel and Pick

This is again a simple activity which can be used by young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. A bag filled with variety of stuff would be needed for this game. Participants should be seated in a circle. The bag should be passed in the circle to all the participants. Every participant has to pick an object being specified to him without looking at the bag and just by feeling it. Those who pick a wrong object should put it back and pass the bag.

The different activities for young adults mentioned in this article presents before us many options. Indoor and outdoor activities presented below should help in enjoying life to the fullest. Young adults with disabilities too can participate in activities suited to the capabilities and skills.


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