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Diet Pills, Self-Acceptance and My Dear Health!

Diet Pills, Self-Acceptance and My Dear Health!

That body we shouldn't hate that much!

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When I first encountered this short but strongly compound word: "Self-Acceptance" in the context of body shapes and weight loss, I kept thinking for a while but then, my mind called me back mumbling, with some words like: "Yes, my dear body, but who on our earth is really accepting and loving his/her body as-is?!"

This might have happened to you as well, as everyone around keeps complaining about body shapes, eyes, hair, teeth and so on. Every part of our body is being scrutinized.

It is true that we, as human beings aware of our body, tend naturally to love and seek perfection in every aspect of life. Maybe (I'm saying maybe :) because our soul is originally perfect but the surrounding shape is not that much, so we hear that deep voice from inside, or we were sometime and somehow in paradise that our regretting soul is still remembering its perfection.

By the way, what is the definition of being perfect, anyway?

We can keep supposing further the whole day long.

Isn't as simple as saying: our body is being treated as a profitable product undergoing canine market rules?

On one side, we have the stereotype and short-sighted view that fat people are not doing their best to fit in the "society standards and norms". (Who defines what?)

That is, society requirements first, yours second!

For them, society has done enough, you have all kinds of diet pills, weight loss diets, sports, diet recipes, nutritionists, just pick one and follow it!

On the other side, there is a growing vision stating that the person should be the main concern, as not all that society requires is reachable due to various reasons. Society can and will follow this trend ending up by accepting people as they choose to be, regardless of size and weight, giving them fair and equal chances in all domains of life.

It is not that simple as it may seem. There are so many arguments and counter arguments.

Everyone is singing its own way.

Let's talk real, look around, who is making the big cash easily?

People that claim to have the ability to perfection the natural human imperfections.

Smart "busy men" having the skills to merchandize desperate hopes and aborted wishes in elegant pages and shiny-tiny bottles. Those pretending they can make you look younger than the youngest of your grandchildren. It is a tremendously huge industry playing not only with billions of dollars, but also with billions of your body cells. Those claiming science (the one you know) as their basis, but in reality, they are creating another science (the one you are about to know). Science of dividing by 10 if not 100! Take anything you don't like, they can help you getting off it in a tiny fraction.

Wish a wish. Oh! You say weight loss! Sure, we can handle it right away with our steamy-creamy product and magic diet pills instead of your costly honest nutritionist!

They can make you visit the moon while sleeping just for a small piece of your credit card.

The science of dividing time and multiplying results. Dividing your budget and multiplying your disappointments. Dividing the individable and saying the unsaid.

Weight loss is an issue related directly to our entire life, either social or financial. It is really the golden word feeding the engines of so many industries.

There are so many honest diet specialists and pharmaceutical companies doing their best to help us control our weight. Diet plans en pills suitability may vary from person to person depending on many factors such as the extra weight you have, age, medical history such as diabetes and so on. So, be medically advised before going through any healthy diet plan, otherwise you may end up harming yourself.

Till next time, take care of your cells :)

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