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Diet for Pregnant Women

Diet for Pregnant Women

Those who are expecting, I would suggest, read the following article on diet for pregnant women for knowing what to eat during this very important phase of life; pregnancy.

It is understandable that there is no better feeling that can surpass a woman when she gets to know that she is pregnant! It takes her in an altogether different world wherein she has to follow certain rules and regulations and yet enjoy the excitement, fully. When I mentioned rules and regulations, they are too many in number and can be bothersome lot many times. Well, one of the most important aspects involved here is pregnancy diet plan and that is what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs. So, let us see some do’s and don’ts associated with it. Keep reading to know the diet for pregnant women.

Food for Pregnant Women

To start with, the diet for pregnant woman mainly depends upon how much she weighs. If she is healthy enough, she needs to consume only few amounts of calories and rather go for pregnancy diet for overweight women. On the other hand, if the woman is weak and anemic, she has to eat high calorie foods during the course because she has to provide adequate amounts of nutrition to herself as well as the growing fetus. I guess many of us are aware of the food cravings during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, the key is to eat healthy diet during pregnancy consisting of fruits, vegetables as well as meat and dairy products. It is important to eat healthy during this time since you would not like to suffer from complications later. Take a look at the balanced diet for pregnant women in the first trimester and the second and third trimesters, given below.

Talking about the balanced and healthy diet for pregnant women, it should consist of smaller meals in between lunch and dinner. Now, for healthy pregnancy snacks, you can include salads or cereals in the diet along with fresh fruits or fruit juices. However, when it comes to lunch or dinner, see to it that you include enough of proteins, vegetables and carbs. Fish, chicken, either grilled or baked are some good meal ideas for pregnant women. Include vegetables, rice, potatoes and grains in your daily diet. Along with these lunch and dinner ideas for pregnant women, drink milk daily so that you get adequate amounts of calcium.

Now, iron is an important mineral which needs to be an essential part of the pregnancy diet; so for including it, eat broccoli, spinach, and wholemeal bread. Apart from providing energy, these will improve your hemoglobin count as well. Among the vitamins, the most essential ones are vitamin A and vitamin C. Spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, beet greens, turnip greens, apricots and pumpkins are some of the best sources of vitamin A, while for vitamin C, you can consume all citrus fruits preferably oranges and strawberries. Doctors generally recommend consumption of folic acid rich foods as well. So, have vegetables, lentils, beans, peas, and rice since it facilitates smooth brain development of the baby inside the womb. As far as fibers are concerned, they would automatically get consumed along with the vegetables and fruits you eat. When you get cravings for having sweets, go ahead. Including all these foods to eat while pregnant, makes for the best diet for pregnant women.

It has been observed that many women have to deal with diabetes or high blood sugar levels during the time of pregnancy which is generally referred to as gestational diabetes. In this case, you have to manage your diet accordingly, otherwise it would lead to complications in your baby. The key here is to maintain optimum levels of carbohydrates in the diet and follow a gestational diabetes diet plan as suggested by your doctor. Therefore, be sure that you exclude starchy food stuffs like rice, pasta and potatoes from your diet completely as well as sweets. Another important food item to avoid in the diet for pregnant women with gestational diabetes is red meat. It is fine to replace it with fish or white meat products. You can consume high fiber fruits and vegetables and milk as well, however, do not compromise on the vitamin or mineral supplements.

However, what if you are a vegetarian? No worries, coz you can schedule your vegetarian diet for pregnant women accordingly in which you can replace the animal proteins with other protein products like milk and egg and of course continue having vegetables and fruits.

After having known the do’s, it is time to know the foods to avoid during pregnancy. It is really important not to hog on too much of sweets, fried and processed foods and aerated drinks. This pregnancy diet menu will provide you all the essential nutrients. However, you can consume certain prenatal vitamin supplements as well if you are weak and anemic. You can also take your doctor's advise regarding your diet. If you have medical complications, you would have to follow the pregnancy diet according to what has been suggested to you, of course.

This was all about the diet for pregnant women. If you follow this healthy pregnancy diet accordingly and exercise as well, there is no way you would not deliver a healthy baby! Of course, a benefit that you can’t overlook is not putting on. So think, wouldn’t you like it that way?? I am sure you would. Take care.


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